Student Testimonials

 NM’s wonderfully hidden treasure...
Ka La Kapu Polynesian dance school. It is so much more than learning the art of Hula, & the power of Tahitian, while understanding the culture behind it... its a feeling...warm and welcoming. By brilliantly talented, Instructor Kellie and students. I have created friendships (Ohana) that will last a lifetime. I’ve gained confidence and found positivity in all challenges in dance and life. Kellie has a divine vision and nurtures it beautifully. You will fall Love with Ka La Kapu dance! But, gain SO MUCH MORE

- Sharon B.

I moved around a lot and always searched for a hālau that valued not only the dance aspect of Polynesian performing arts, but also the narratives with which dance is imbued. For me, learning about narratives is an important reminder of the history, language, culture, and fortitude of the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander people. They’re living lessons, and it’s a privilege to be able to learn and perpetuate these lessons through song and dance. I'm humbled to have had the privilege to do this with Ka Lā Kapu Polynesian Dance School. So glad I found you! Mahalo nui loa!

–Anni L.

Kellie is the most patient woman I know. She took me, the person who can barely walk and talk at the same time, and made  me a decent dancer. More importantly than that, she made me a cultural practitioner. She taught me how to deeply connect with hula in a spiritual way. I was always encouraged to grow as a dancer but allowed the time and pacing to do so properly. She fosters a community of connection and Aloha that I have never experienced before. There is so much love, patience, responsibility and respect ingrained in the culture of this school. I take pride in being a member of Ka Lā Kapu. 

- Jade N.

My experience as a student of Ka La Kapu has been incredibly beautiful to say the least. We are more than just a dance school we are a family. My fellow brother and sister students are some of the most loving, caring, and supportive souls that I know, and have helped me grow a lot as a person over the years. The school is a great place to disconnect from life’s daily stressors, offers a beautiful workout blend of Polynesian dance styles, and is just a great overall cultural experience. Ka La Kapu definitely brings aloha to the 505. And as a performance member, seeing the smiles on people’s faces during and after a show, knowing that we are bringing joy to the people of Albuquerque with our dance in celebration with others, is an honor.

- Allison S.

Amazing place and great people. A true experience and loving atmosphere.

- Alan Griffin